1. Konqueror Sidebar



The Konqueror Sidebar provides several tabs that can be used for some high level navigation. You can click on the appropriate tab to go directly to your home directory or to the root file system. You can also click on the bookmarks tab to get a list of web bookmarks so you can easily browse the web. It also allows you to navigate directly to your home directory and to a number of other useful places. It includes a tab for web URLs so you can browse the web from here.

Simply click on any of the tabs to access the location or function associated with that tab.

From the top, the tabs in the Konqueror Sidebar are:

  • Bookmarks – These are just like the World Wide Web book marks in other browsers such as Firefox.
  • History – This is your web browsing history.
  • Home – Access to your home folder, a.k.a directory.
  • Metabar – Turns the Navigation window into an information panel which displays information about the file currently selected in the View window on the right. This information includes things such as the size of the file, ownership, permissions and the dates the files was last accesses and modified.
  • Network – Contains a list of WWW and FTP locations. By default this is a short list of KDE locations from which KDE applications, documentation, backgrounds and other files can be downloaded.
  • Root folder – This red folder is the top level folder of the entire filesystem. From here you can navigate the entire filesystem of your computer; at least the areas to which you have access.
  • Services – The Services tab is like a combination of the KDE Start Menu and the KDE Control Center. It allows you to browse through application programs and KDE settings in one place.
  • System – This tab displays all of the various storage media and locations, both on your computer and on remote computers, and allows you to access them. Again it only allows you access to the ones to which you have access rights.