Launching Krusader



Starting with Fedora 15 in 2011, Krusader is the default file manager for Fedora. So clicking on the Home icon in the Desktop folder widget on your desktop. You can just see the Home icon above the KDE Application Launcher in Figure 1, below.

You can also launch Krusader from the Applications ==> Utilities page of the Application Launcher.

Figure 1: Launch Krusader from the Application Launcher. This screen shot is with Fedora 16 and KDE 4.6.5, but will be similar using any version from Fedora 10 with KDE 4.X and later.

Click on the “File Manager / Krusader” icon to launch the Krusader file manager.

First Time Configuration

The first time Krusader is launched you will be taken through a series of configuration steps. It is not necessary to make any changes. You can make any desired changes later.