2. Add Konqueror to the KDE Panel



Because Konqueror is such a powerful tool I suggest you add its launcher to the KDE Panel if you have not already done so. It can be launched from the Panel Menu but this requires multiple clicks. After adding the Konqueror file management profile launcher to your Panel, it will only take a single click to launch it. The launcher for Konqueror in file management mode is also known as Home.

Figire 4-2: Add Konqueror to the KDE Panel using the "Add Application to Panel" menu.

Figure 4-2: Add Konqueror to the KDE Panel using the "Add Application" menu.

To add the Konqueror launcher to the KDE Panel, right click on some empty space on the KDE Panel to raise the Panel Menu. Select Add Application to Panel and then Home. This adds the Home icon to your Panel. Now you can launch Konqueror in its file management mode from this launcher icon. As you can see from Figure 4-2, you can also add many other program launchers to the KDE Panel in this same manner.

Figure 4-3: The Konqueror "Home" icon can be a folder with a house or just a little house.

Figure 4-3: The Konqueror launch icon.

When using the Fedora Core 5 icons, the Home icon for Konqueror looks like a folder with a little house on it. Later versions of Fedora use a house icon without the folder. Most icon sets use a similar motif for this icon.