1. Introducing Konqueror




Konqueror can be used as a file manager in which case it allows you to browse through your files and directories to locate, copy, move and delete files, as well as to open them using the desired application, or even an alternate application. Konqueror can also be used as a web browser in at least three different preconfigured profiles, and as a development resource for programmers.

Konqueror with fedora8 default folders

Figure 4-1: Konqueror as a basic file manager.

Konqueror can be used in a number of modes. These include the following common profiles for Konqueror.

  • File management
  • Midnight Commander
  • A simple browser
  • A browser with tabs
  • A KDE development environment

Each of these profiles configures Konqueror in a specific way for a specific task. You can configure Konqueror to meet your specific needs and save a profile so that you can reconfigure Konqueror at any time to meet those needs. Even when configured for one task, such as file management, Konqueror can be used for other tasks such as web browsing.

For those of you who do not know what Midnight Commander is, it is a file management program. It is a text based program patterned after a commercially available file commander program. It provides one, two or more panes in which to view files; it allows drag and drop copying or moving of files from one directory to another and other easy manipulation of files and launching of programs to edit or view the files. The Midnight Commander mode of Konqueror is similar on that text based program but it is much more flexible for those who prefer a GUI based environment. I find it extremely useful as well.


I will cover three of these usage profiles for Konqueror in this section, but first let’s make Konqueror easy to launch.

You could launch Konqueror in its File Manager profile from the KDE Menu using the following sequence:

  1. Click on the KDE Menu icon

  2. Click on the Home icon

This is fine, but one click is always better than two.

Every release of Fedora and Red Hat Linux of which I am aware also have a Home icon on the GUI desktop so a double click of that will launch the default file manager; that may not be Konqueror in some releases but for some releases it is.