Chapter — Using Krusader



Krusader is an exceptional graphical file manager that is modeled after the text mode Midnight Commander. Krusader provides many features that enhance the functionality of a file manager such as tabs along the bottom of the directory panes, which allow the user to have multiple directories open in each pane and switch between them by clicking on a tab. Krusader not only allows you to use the same keyboard navigation and command structure as Midnight Commander, but it also allows you to use the mouse or trackball to navigate and perform all of the standard drag and drop operations you would expect on files.

Krusader provides the ability to launch a program by clicking on a file icon. For example, clicking on a Word or LibréOffice document file opens that document in LibréOffice Writer. This, of course, should be standard operation for any file manager.

Note: Files can be associated with specific applications using System Settings ==> File Associations.

This chapter covers using the Krusader file manager in some detail.




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